Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Pleasure of Camping

One of the communal outdoor activities for youth is camping. This is leisure for participants naming themselves as campers. Upon leaving, these campers led to the place distant from city. They bring along with them large back packs, tents, water bags and camper food and gadgets. Camping is an open air movement, leading to overnight staying, no comfortable shelter and living in a cow boy mode.

The outdoor activity camping started in the early 20th century. During that time, these campers go to nearby urban areas not unlike to the generation now; they go to faraway distant areas. Camping made it a hobby or for leisure for most youth participants. They gather and travel for team buildings and get together. Camping is sometimes used as an accommodation for large group of people involving sports and festivals. These events have organizers that would provide venue and facilities.

Set of gears and equipment most campers bring along with them are: tent and shelter, camping furniture, camping cookware, sleeping bag, electronic gadgets, camping lights, emergency survival kit and camping food. Tent and shelter for a place to rest and sleep at the end of the day. Camping furniture like chairs and mats is important to sit upon for chitchats and small talk with the group. Camping cookware is also on the list for an even better way to cook in the middle of the night. Sleeping bag is vital for you to get enough warmth through the night. Electronic gadgets for some campers who have contact in the city, most commonly cell phones and music. Medicines and emergency kit is on top of the list. And we can’t forget the camping food, since this is the key to survival in the journey.

Campers set themselves with much cozy clothing; starting off with their boots. Most survival campers use boots to protect their feet from injury when climbing high mountains. Campers bring along with them their handy flash lights, electronic gadgets, heat and furniture. If a group of people fix to go on a camping activity, it is usually combined with hiking, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming, fishing and hill walking. And most campers bring along with them their back packs.

The word “camping” may also be defined as people who lived outdoor, and for people for spend their nights far from their resident. During the early century, when camping started, campers does not have a lot of amenities to use unlike our generation today. They use leaves to light a bonfire. But now, campers have electronic devices to trace the destination they are going and they do even have first class tents for shelter. They have compact chairs, and even solar powered satellite phones. Some campers have a car closer to their destination for an emergency of hot water, tent lightning and storage to camping gears.

Vehicles to use in camping are bush planes, canoes, boats and bicycles; while back packing is a very frequent alternative. Tent camping is the widespread amenities in camping. Tent camping is affordable, inexpensive and portable. Back packing is a selection of tent camping. Backpackers take with them light-weight gears and tools enough for them to carry in long distant urban areas. They mostly hike at camp remote areas which are far from the city. And most of these camp remote sites are with resource protection rule program from different projects. The comparison of car camping is much expensive than back packing. Canoeing camping is quite parallel with back packing, but his time they use canoes for shipping. North America is common for canoeing camping.

Bicycle touring is a combination of camping and cycling. Motorcycle is also parallel to bicycle camping. Motorcycle campers mostly use back packs with no less than a heavy weight equipment to bring take along with them.

We have a list of some specialized with focus camping. We have survivalist camping, winter camping, work camping, boutique camping and sail camping. These specialized camping lists have their own dedication on the mode of camping they want. Different skills, move, technique are used in every specialized camping that made each different and unique from the other. They are done at different time with different places.

Camping is an outside open-air activity of your choice, will and devotion. This is a movement that you can free yourself from stress and make it as leisure of enjoying it. An outdoor activity when you can feel your muscles moving as the hiking takes its hand to move your bones. A healthy movement when you can socialize and internalize as you open your world to the life of back packing.

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