Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Getting into Sports for Fun-packed Calorie Burning

Getting involved with sports is the best way to burn-out stubborn fats. What makes it even better is that, aside from the fact that doing sports pumps-out energy and burn calories, sports is a fun thing to do. It is also an ideal way of bonding with friends and loved ones.  Furthermore, it also relieves stress because, accordingly, getting involved with calorie-burning activities produces endorphins or also known as “happy hormones.”  Some even dubbed the feeling as “runner’s high.”  Also, with the various sports centers, recreational venues and gyms, one will not find it very hard to scout places that mix sports and fun together.


The following are some of the sports that use almost all parts of the body - a good thing to burn fats and to stay active all the time.

Parkour. The movie Spiderman is the best example that shows what Parkour really is. This sport involves the swift yet smooth movements of the entire body through running, jumping, crawling and climbing – just like Spiderman’s moves. This sport involves “obstacles” to make the Parkour move effective - obstacles such as high fences, buildings, walls, rails, etc. The idea of Parkour is to conquer these obstacles through climbing and jumping.  This sport is quite dangerous, and requires many skills and discipline in doing it. Parkour enthusiast vow for the adrenaline rush and the concentration that this sport brings out.    

Yaw Yan.  This martial art that originated from the Philippines involves kickboxing and body wrestling. It is quite similar to Muay Thai when it comes to kickboxing; the only difference, though, is the way how to maneuver the upper body in bringing down the enemy. Also, another dangerous form of sport, Yaw Yan involves proper training and discipline.  Yaw Yan enthusiasts should take into the mind that the movements learned from this sport should not be used adversely but for self-defense and, of course, for a sport thing only.  Many people, especially males, are enticed to play Yaw Yan because it involves the use of the entire body as well as a good form of cardio exercise.

Swimming. Another great form of sport that is good as cardio exercise is swimming. Also, swimming improves one’s breathing and fun sport that can be enjoyed together with family.  For those who take swimming seriously as a sport, hard work and patience are much needed. Furthermore, a very good trainer is a plus point in order to be motivated in pursuing the goals of a swimmer athlete.  Meanwhile, swimming is also said to be a good exercise for those who have respiratory problems, particularly those who are asthmatic.      

Football. Who doesn’t like football in the first place? Aside that this sport involves a lot of running and can really burn lots of calories, football also promotes camaraderie because it’s a group game.  For those who do not want to play it – well, watching a football game is not boring either.

Basketball.  Basketball is a legendary sport and, probably, the much well-loved game.  People, especially guys, are big fans of this sport because, aside from the fact that this sport has been making-up history, basketball is an easy sport to do as well as it really pumps out energy and adrenaline rush.  Many famous athletes were born because of basketball.       

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